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Keane Give Away Free Music!
John Doran , August 4th, 2008 12:58

Outlandish black metal, electronica and dubstep hybrid, Keane push the musical envelope to breaking point with new single, which you can hear for free. If you are educationally sub normal.

Pie-faced whinge surfers Keane release new track 'Spiralling' today via their website. The sado-masochistic and the criminally insane can listen to this abberation today by visiting

The track is the first outing from their new album Perfect Symetry which will clotting up your local HMV like so much slag from October 13 until the end of life on earth as we know it.

Lying to UNCUT recently, crimson-hued angst monger, Tom Chaplain said: "Everything came together in an avalanche of experimentation that took us all by surprise."

Later in a rare moment of sincerity Chaplain admitted that the band had "ignored the rules of good taste" when recording their new material.