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The 20 Most Controversial and Ill Thought Out Album Sleeves Of All Time
John Doran , July 17th, 2008 14:31

John Doran casts a baleful eye over some of the least well thought out album sleeves to grace record store shelves.


Scorpions Virgin Killer
You can throw a dart at the Scorpions' back catalogue and hit some offensive album art. Perhaps most widely known is the preposterous cover to 'Love Drive' which shows a woman who appears to have a right breast made out of bubblegum. The bubble-headed German soft rockers excelled themselves with this sleeve however, which was designed in response - amazingly - to the suggestion in the press that they looked like homosexuals. Strangely enough, the cover was replaced with a more standard picture of the band, which, in some ways is much more offensive to the eyes.