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The 20 Most Controversial and Ill Thought Out Album Sleeves Of All Time
John Doran , July 17th, 2008 14:31

John Doran casts a baleful eye over some of the least well thought out album sleeves to grace record store shelves.


Slayer Christ Illusion
No wonder the Nazarene looks glum in this particularly Slayer-esque piece of album art. He stands waist deep in a sea of blood and terrible oomska, with a freaky, freaky eye patch covering one socket but nary a thing to cover the superfluous third eye in the middle of his stomach. He has, of course, had both of his arms chopped off at the elbows and is surrounded by bobbing severed heads. What Tom Araya's excuse will be when he gets to the pearly gates and encounters Jesus' old man, is any one's guess. Araya, a practising Christian, attends church once a week.