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Lydon Slams PR Machine
Dean Samways , July 11th, 2008 17:09

John Lydon

Potty mouthed old egg John Lydon has today stated that the Sex Pistols never worked a publicity campaign during their entire career.

The current music industry climate of struggling record labels is said to please the edgy veteran, mostly because he’d never enjoyed working with them.

Talking to the Daily Star Lydon said: “My advice to young musicians is: You can do it for yourself, you really can.

“During the whole of my career I've never orchestrated a record with a tour and a publicity campaign. It's never happened.”

In defence of The Sex Pistols somewhat lacklustre efforts at releasing music of late he added: “So what if we released our last album 31 years ago? We make records when we want not when we're told. We’re not a shuttle bus service... Or The Rolling Stones.

“It's more natural to create new material this way because there's a different kind of energy when you’re out there. That's what the Sex Pistols are all about. We spend bugger all on publicity.”

Obviously the sweary Today television interview in 1976 that launched the band and the very public signing of their A&M Records contract outside Buckingham Palace during a special press ceremony was all charity.

In a characteristically witty attack at the close of the interview Lydon slammed musicians such as Madonna who do spend lots of cash on marketing.

“What is it [Madonna] spends? About £250,000 a year to keep her pony-arse face in the paper?”