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U2 Boosh Rumour Scotched
The Quietus , June 30th, 2008 15:01

On Friday The Quietus reported that U2 would be top secret last minute headliners at this weekend's Mighty Boosh Festival. Our source was so impeccable you could have whacked him a bottle for Naomi Campbell to drink - yet it seems that the much-mooted appearance/collaboration/mutal backslap won't happen after all.

"We'd heard rumours that Bono and Noel had been in touch," the mole in the U2 camp HAD TOLD US. "Then the crew and all of us were told not to make any plans for the weekend of July 5th. Apparently it's now going ahead, and there's talk that U2 and the Mighty Boosh boys will do some kind of collaboration. It's great to be involved in this gig where the band will get to play to a new audience outside the usual stadiums."

Now, today U2's people released a brief statement announcing that "Despite rumours to the contrary, U2 will not be appearing at The Mighty Boosh Festival this weekend". A spokesperson for the festival said: "They did talk to the Mighty Boosh about appearing but it just isn't possible. There is a friendship between the band and Noel and Julian and it was discussed but it proved to be too impractical."