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In Bed With Chris Needham . . . The Motion Picture John Doran , June 18th, 2008 14:52

By John Doran

Great news for all fans of cult-TV diary In Bed With Chris Needham, the story of the Manslaughter front man, is being made into a motion picture by the executive director of Control, the Joy Division biopic.

Chris, the latest writer to become part of The Quietus team along with Jarvis Cocker, Jon King from Gang of Four and Colin Newman of Wire, confirmed that the projected has just been green lighted.

Speaking from Loughborough he said: "Yeah, they're making a film of In Bed With Chris Needham. It's in pre-production I guess you'd say. I've just got off from talking with Ian Canning who was the executive producer on Control the Ian Curtis and Joy Division film. It was a very well reviewed film which Ian bought for me on DVD.

"The issue is going to be getting young actors to play me and my friends from local drama schools. It's not a documentary, it's a feature film about me and my friends, growing up in the early 90s. We need to get a good script writer on board. I wrote a book about my life a few years ago so that will be useful. You can expect a decision on the writer in the next week or so. Then we go to Seesaw the production company in Soho and get started."

Chris went on to say: "Initially I went with my mate Greg, who was the original camera man on the video diary, and Ian to Rawlins School where Manslaughter had their first gig. But they wouldn't let us in. Even when I explained who we were and produced a letter from the local education authority. So that was sad."

The Quietus is very excited by this phenomenal cinematic news and hopes that all the old bastards out there will learn something from this film when it comes out.