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LISTEN: New Music From The Ex
Richard Foster , July 17th, 2017 07:59

A belting new show with belting new songs from the anarcho-punk ethio-jazz cross-fertilising veterans

Sing ye from the hillsides! A new LP from The Ex is on the cards - the first since 2010’s Catch My Shoe, which has formed the basis of their (incredible) live sets these past few years. A gig at OT301, Amsterdam’s squat-turned-arts-centre, christened the new set - and we were there to witness it.

What was to all intents and purposes a private gig for friends and family became a frug-out of monstrous proportions, with jiving and sweaty acclamation. Good to note, too, a high preponderance of teens in the audience, showing that this band chucks preconceptions around age away like a used Maccy D wrapper on the M62.

The show was mind blowing, with hefty, snarling work-outs that came on like Can (imagine a punk take on 'Pinch'! No shit!), a grumbling instrumental that dragged its sonic body around space like a Komodo dragon with bellyache, some softer tracks that burned middle eyes into the foreheads of many of those present, and their usual inquisitive punk fusion laced with burning rhythms.

A new track from the gig, ‘Soon All Cities’, was caught live by renowned gig photographer Kasper Vogelzang. Look out for more news on the LP release later in the year.