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Karl Smith , April 2nd, 2017 20:19

In 2017 our output and our readership are stronger than ever. But with advertising in a state of rapid decline, we'd like a moment of your time and, if possible, your support to keep The Quietus moving forward

Photograph by Maria Jefferis

In 2017, at least as far as independent music goes, the display advertising market is in industry-wide decline. The budgets have contracted, shrunk or disappeared altogether, and where they still exist they're being put to use on corporate platforms like Google and Facebook. Unfortunately, as a wholly independent publication, up until now we have relied entirely on these ad bookings to keep The Quietus going. This is compounded by the increasing use of adblocking software which hits small publications that feature minimal advertising far harder than the big sites that are plastered with ugly, bandwidth draining banners - if you do use adblocker, please please switch it off or whitelist The Quietus. With the display advertising system fast becoming unsustainable, and the site continuing to go from strength to strength in terms of the work we publish and the number of people who read it, we're only ever inches from financial terminal velocity.

In terms of the running costs of what we do and what more we can reasonably achieve, the state of things as they are just about keeps the lights on. While we understand as well as anyone that money doesn't just burst from the clouds, our readers are the reason we continue to do what we do. And now we're asking for you to help us keep doing it.

It would only take a fraction of our 100,000 Twitter followers, 70,000 Facebook fans, or an even smaller portion of our general monthly readership of half a million people, to support The Quietus with a small donation and keep us barreling on into the foreseeable future.

For the past nine years The Quietus has prided itself on publishing engaged, critical and necessary responses to culture of all kinds. We've tried at all times to question the consensus while always working where possible to bridge the gap between the fringes and the foreground. We have consistently dedicated as much of our time as people (or husks of the people we once were), and as much of our pixelated portion of this space called “the world wide web,” as we are capable of doing to both artists and writers whose work might not have had the exposure it deserves elsewhere.

Where else will you find an exploration of the possible future of Britain with lessons gleaned from Robin Hardy’s 1973 classic The Wicker Man, Fenriz of Darkthrone waxing lyrical about his favourite house records, and detailed histories of Kanye West's career in such close proximity alongside countless other reviews and features?

If you can answer that question with the name of another publication, well, hot damn! Drop us a line because we’d be genuinely thrilled to read it. Otherwise – if you've ever found a new favourite band from our Top 100 Albums of the Year, gained some new perspective on a classic, or engaged with a different point of view on these pages – please consider supporting The Quietus. The donation button below allows one off payments but also a regular subscription - given many of you probably once paid for a weekly or monthly music magazine and no longer do, it'd be amazing if you might consider a regular payment to help us keep printing.

We're eternally grateful to you for reading and now we'd sincerely appreciate your help to keep doing what we do better than anyone else – and to move this thing forward into a new phase of life, where we can provide even more for our readers, in difficult times. Thank you for reading for the last nine years, and thank you in advance for the support.