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Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu To Return This August
John Doran , January 5th, 2017 13:26

Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty use bill poster to announce new activity

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The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu - formerly known as the KLF, The JAMS etc - have issued an official communication announcing a return to activity after a break of 23 years, according to a tweet from the Eastfolk Chronicle.

The poster, which appears to herald the next chapter of Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty's artistic practice together, was spotted down Kingsland Road, Hackney, London earlier this morning.

As well as announcing their return in August, the communique strove to distance the pair from a hemp-fragranced compilation of youtube clips suggesting the KLF were reforming which has been circulating on social media recently.

The poster, under the heading, "K2 Plant Hire Ltd", reads, in full:

"2017: What The Fuck Is Going On?

"It is almost 23 years since the Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu announced a self imposed and self important 23 year moratorium. The reasons for the moratorium have now been lost in time, space, and a rusting shipping container somewhere near Sizewell B Nuclear Power Station.

"What is known is:

"The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu have zero involvement with any video clips, films, recorded music, documentary productions, biographies, West End musicals or social media chatter relating to the letters K L or F, now or at any other time over the previous 23 years.


"The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu have no interest in anything that seeks to comment on, bounce off, glorify, debunk or resurrect their historical work.

"The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu are currently at work in their light industrial unit. This work will not be made public until the 23rd August 2017.

"For more information contact the K2 Plant Hire Ltd."

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Post-Punk Monk
Jan 5, 2017 2:04pm

I was not aware of the 23 year duration of their moratorium, but it makes all the sense in the world as a fan of Robert Anton Wilson. I'll say this for the JAMS; their sense of timing is uncanny. We need them badly in 2017.

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Jan 5, 2017 2:32pm

In reply to Post-Punk Monk:

As I understood it, the moratorium was from November 5th 1995, so this all seems a bit premature. If public figures can't even be held to promises made on the bonnets of cars they've driven off cliffs, then, really, what chance is there for this country?

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Jan 5, 2017 3:20pm

Found this too

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Jan 5, 2017 3:50pm

Hail Eris

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Jan 5, 2017 4:20pm

I look forward to new adventures, lets hope it's not too pop.

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Jan 5, 2017 4:29pm

In reply to Andy:

In one sense Andy, it will almost certainly be 'pop' but you can be sure that we have nothing to fear.

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Jan 5, 2017 5:34pm

You have my attention....

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Jan 5, 2017 6:23pm

hope the icecream van's got an MOT.

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Jan 5, 2017 7:32pm

Are you sure this means they will return as "JAMS"? They refer to themselves as the "The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu" but I don't think that strictly means they will be releasing under the old name. They have always referred to themselves in different ways and not consistently either.

Either way I think it's great news. They are wildly entertaining artists.

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Jan 6, 2017 12:31am

23 Skidoo :-)

(23 was significant in the Illuminatus Trilogy?)

All Hail Eris!

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Jan 6, 2017 3:07am

Thought their contract ended November 5th, 2018?

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Jan 6, 2017 7:32am

I guess they're really beginning to regret setting fire to that million quid back in '94, and need to get out and start working again.

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Galiano DeBorge
Jan 6, 2017 8:35am

They're not justified, but at least now they're ancient.

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Neil Tyler
Jan 6, 2017 6:29pm

Yes!...thank god.

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Jan 7, 2017 3:41am


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Rowena Esp
Jan 7, 2017 12:54pm

I just hope you're still justified enough to drive that ice-cream van ;-)
Can't wait f August

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It's about time.
Jan 8, 2017 12:06am

gur clenzvq funyy or ohvyg.

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The Great Satan
Jan 9, 2017 7:57pm

Check out K2 Plant Hire at Companies House. Incorporated on 24th Jan 1994. Paperwork must have been sent 23rd Jan 1994.... all these years its been ticking.

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The Great Satan
Jan 9, 2017 7:58pm

In reply to Rowena Esp:

Make mine a 99.

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richard miller
Feb 17, 2017 6:20pm

Bring the beat back!
Und dann wird alles in ordnung sein.

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Simon Mu
Mar 3, 2017 11:52pm

23 to those who know

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Taylor Osborne
Mar 18, 2017 2:32pm

Justified just as I read this here uh piece on the secretive mumu kids, vegans? ah to eaches own but not in my cucina, some lil lady here did inform me of a site called creepy pasta and slenderman after I mused of doing weird things to van gogh as its fine to nowadays to deviate and well oh wow! hopefully mumu isnt some computer generated fuckery generated by the bosses to keep the fucked up english boys tweaking. Anyways guess I wont find out about this act much even if I thought I had but well, cheers! mangia! st. patricks just passed, rest in peace good man and poor slave

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