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LISTEN: Luke Haines - Alan Vega Says
Laurie Tuffrey , March 11th, 2014 07:46

First play of track from new album NY In The 70s

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Luke Haines is set to follow up last year's Rock And Roll Animals with a new album, NY In The 70s, out on May 19 via Cherry Red. It's "a mythic re-imagining of the New York Rock n Roll scene 1972 - 1979", taking in nods to Lou Reed, William Burroughs and other staples of the period and marking the completion of a trilogy that takes in his previous record and 2011's 9½ Psychedelic Meditations On British Wrestling Of The 1970s And Early '80s. We've got a first play of album opener 'Alan Vega Says', which you can hear above, and while you're at it, read Haines' press release for the album, divided, of course, into three scenes, which bears republishing in whole:

Scene 1 – A Dorset Chalkhill, Britain 2014.

A gigantic mythical naked man awakens from thousand year kip. Chico, a messenger bird, is speaking in tongues and whispering a poem into the naked dude's chalky ear:

"Oh Little Johnny Jewel
He's so cool
He has no decision
He just trying to sell a vision"

Chico (something of a savant, bless) is reciting the lyrics to Television's seismic year zeroin classic 'Little Johnny Jewel'.

"He's just trying to sell a vision," repeats the messenger bird. With an ancient rumble, the naked dude stands up to reveal his true height of 180 ft.

"I am Cerne Abbus Giant, and Tom Verlaine is my main man," bellows the Chalk Giant. "I awaken from Dorset Hills as the seeker. The seeker of Mythic Muthafuckin' Rock n Roll. Show me the way to CBGBs in the 1970s Chico. We will bestride the Atlantic and I'll carry you on my fantastic 36 ft phallus. Climb aboard Chico."

"Oh my," says the bird.

Scene 2 – New York City. One year later

The Kaballistic order of OM AKA The Real Dead Boys, comprising of Alan Ginsberg, Jim Carroll, Stiv Baters, Johnny Thunders and Sid Vicious are holding an invocation, on 213 Park Avenue South. The chanting begins at 23.23pm:

Shalom Shalom - David Johanson
Shalom Shalom - John Genzale
Shalom Shalom - Jerry Nolan
Shalom Shalom - Killer Kane
Shalom Shalom - Max's Kansas City
Shalom Shalom - The Mercer Arts Centre
Shalom Shalom - Billy Murcia
Shalom Shalom - Syl Sylvain

On it goes until dawn, Shalom Shalom... Lou Reed... Shalom Shalom... Alan Vega...

Scene 3 – A press release from London, England. March 2014.

Luke Haines has made an album about the 70's Rock n Roll scene in New York City which is released on Cherry Red on Monday May 19 2014. A mythical re-imagining of a long gone age, by a man who hails from Surrey, southern UK. It is the third and final part of a psychedelic trilogy that began with 2011's 9½ Psychedelic Meditations On British Wrestling Of The 1970s And Early '80s. This one is for the real rock n roll animals.

Hail the Mythic
Hail the Muthafuckin'
Hail the Rock n Roll

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ad hominem
Mar 11, 2014 1:21pm

guy is unstoppable

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brutus bruiser
Mar 11, 2014 1:38pm

Another song where he name drops a bunch of stuff and reads lyrics cribbed from Wikipedia, all sung over some unmemorable guitar melody. *yawn* What happened to the guy who made Now I'm a Cowboy and New Wave?

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Mar 11, 2014 2:34pm

In reply to brutus bruiser:

Have to agree with brutus here. Much as I love the Auteurs and Baader Meinhof and even Oliver Twist Manifesto, this new "rock history concept pop" vein Haines is mining of late is boring me to death. Also, repeating the song title over and over again does not a hook make. Really disappointing.

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Mar 11, 2014 5:58pm


Odd. He's never been more fascinating or engaging to me. You'd think Haines fans would have creamed over Rock n Roll animals. As good as anything he's done with Auteurs.

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brutus bruiser
Mar 11, 2014 6:01pm

In reply to Cmoney:

Rock 'n Roll Animals was pretty good, but he's definitely stuck in a rut where all his music just seems like it's in service of biographical lyrics and unmemorable choruses that devolve into mindless repetition of a song title or someone's name. The North Sea Scrolls was particularly painful.

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Mar 11, 2014 7:27pm

In reply to brutus bruiser:

"brutus bruiser:
The North Sea Scrolls was particularly painful."

I couldn't disagree more. I've been a fan since New Wave first came out and I love North Sea Scrolls. Possible my favourite album of his since Baader Meinhof.

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Alexey P.
Mar 11, 2014 8:12pm

Brilliant. Also, Luke, if you happen to read this, please rerecord "Jesus Is Right On" - ace song.

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Mar 11, 2014 11:52pm

Brutus - you've got to be joking. The last two LPs were genius and this this one looks set to continue the legacy.No one is really doing what Haines is currently doing. In my mind this is not less fresh or innovative than Baader Meinhof album or the best Auteurs albums.

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brutus b.
Mar 12, 2014 2:32pm

In reply to HughieD:

I'm really not joking. He's been doing this kind of thing for the last decade. In spots, it works, but the overall effect is tired and mostly predictable. He honestly hasn't matched the atmosphere or songwriting on the Auteurs records in years. That's why he's an "outsider" now. He just ain't that great.

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Mar 27, 2014 11:00pm

Here we go,more fucking tired predictable rehashed slop excreted from the 2 decades ago arse end of petulant middle class brit pop shit
No idea why i listened to this fucking spoilt middle class arse wipe in the first place,maturity has its merits afterall,i can now fully see what a bag of shite this cretinous privileged cunt haines really is

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