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Cat's Eyes
Cat's Eyes Isobel George , April 7th, 2011 09:10

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The recent death of Elizabeth Taylor prompted a flurry of feverish raptures on her relationship with Richard Burton, with people falling over each other’s adjectives as they strove to nail exactly what was so fascinating about the ‘love affair of the century’. What it came down to was this: he was so very male, she so very female. Camille Paglia described Taylor lasciviously as "a luscious, opulent ripe fruit", Caitlin Moran as "heavy, like wet roses". Burton himself, the archetypal gruff, boozy, chiselled womanizer termed his paramour "lavish. She was a dark, unyielding largesse. In short, she was too bloody much".

All terribly torrid. But more than nostalgia, comfy and romantic (oh my lord, she took his final letter to HER GRAVE), a battle of the sexes along traditional lines, after decades of gender-bending, androgyny and pansexual proddings into the unknown, has acquired an arse-backwards (or forwards?) sort of exoticism. Which seems stranger, more enigmatic to you? Gaga's prosthetic cheekbones, eyeball chin and fingers up her unclassifiable bits, or Taylor and Burton's moody Much Ado About Nothing dynamic of opposite tension?

The allure of this debut offering from Cat’s Eyes, Faris Badwan's pet project, has more in common with Ms Taylor than a way of doing your eyeliner. For its duration, Badwan and his new musical flame Rachel Zeffira, a sumptuous Canadian soprano, act out clearly defined gender roles, vamping and swooning and storming and pouting in a deeply silly, smokily sexy, whirlwind romance of a record that's as back-and-forth and on-again, off- again as Burton and Taylor.

The eponymous beat-pop opener, camp to almost Carry On Cleopatra degree, brings to mind the 'pop star' scene from Bedazzled, Faris as mean, growling untouchable bad boy, on the road with "no reason to stay" as Zeffira go-go dances in the background, cooing "on the highway" in the girliest of simpers. 'The Best Person I Know' is saucer-eyed and mooning, staring dreamily out the window and scrawling 'I heart Faris' and 'Rachel Badwan' on its jotters in a lovestruck miasma of strings and layered sighs, while 'I'm Not Stupid' is fragile, failing feminity at its flimsiest, Zeffira wilting "I know I'm not the prettiest girl/I'm realistic... I can see she's better than me" over charmingly, brokenly gauche dance-lesson piano. An utter idiot would compare this unfavourably to the sort of Lucy Liu-meets-Lykke Li empowered and leather-clad ass-kicking persona that dominatrixes much female pop. A real person, male or female, would just shiver in recognition of how it feels to be this besotted and vulnerable.

Is our hero impressed with these devotions? Is he toss, ripping his leather jacket from the bed and hissing "I've never had trouble getting girls… Don't try to tell me you’re the only one / You're not anyone at all" over 'Face In The Crowd'’s moody twangs of Tornados guitar.

Zeffira rightly concludes she's on to a loser with the graceful ghost-calypso of 'Not A Friend', and 'Bandit', a cautionary tale from the spirited bordello girl in an old Western. And then, with a red right hand, Faris blasts in through the saloon doors with 'Sooner Or Later', a goth dirge that's the most Horrors thing on the album, black winds of guitar blowing dust devils and tumbleweeds in your face before stopping dead in the face of Faris’ dark threats: "You'll be hanging in the mirror of the moon". His voice is clearer, more confident ever before; his main band’s constant crate-digging love of the beat era, girl group grooves and Meek-style sonic experimentation can here take a back seat to a narrative he can really act up to.

Scraps, reconciliations, tender private kiss-scenes… but finally our beautiful thing must end, and Faris sings it to sleep with the angel-sighing 'I Knew It Was Over', Zeffira's layered "oohs" a cloud-cushion to his sad Roy Orbison reflections. It couldn't last forever for Liz and Richard, for Faris and Rachel, for us, but damn, we burned the flame bright before those eyes batted shut forever, didn't we? Now, roll those end credits...

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Apr 7, 2011 1:36pm

So it is any good?

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Apr 7, 2011 5:37pm

kind of a weird review but it made me listen to their album sampler on YouTube which then made me want to go out and buy it tomorrow. So i guess that's a thank you.

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Isobel George
Apr 8, 2011 9:37am

There are few types of people in the already quite dismal world of online commenters more wearying than those who post 'so is it any good?' after a review. They're the same breed who clap and cheer when someone breaks a bit of crockery, or chirrup "oh, here come trouble" when you walk into a room. Cunts, namely.

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Apr 8, 2011 1:07pm

5onthe5 - I'd say that's an 8/10. Happy now?

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Apr 8, 2011 3:36pm

In reply to Isobel George:

I was joking; it was meant to be an ironic comment on what I perceived as the rather poetic nature of the review. Maybe my joke failed, but calling me a cunt seems a little excessive.

I also was led by this review into a pre-order of the album, thanks.

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Apr 10, 2011 11:37am

In reply to Isobel George:

I kind of liked your review until I saw your snotty, pompous and unnecessary reply to the first commenter. Pull your head out of your fucking intestines, 'trouble'.

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I Hate You
Apr 12, 2011 5:02pm

why didn't you give this A BAD REVIEW

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Apr 16, 2011 1:55am

In reply to Isobel George:

Nothing like abusing your own valued reader behind the anonymity of the keyboard. Especially given that your review appraises Elizabeth Taylor's more than the actual fucking music.

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Lorena Fernandez
Apr 17, 2011 12:23am

jesus, what a review.
just that, kind of weird..elizabeth taylor, rachel..anyway, a review isn't it? i just didn't get it properly. maybe i should start reading more british reviews or something, wow..

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Apr 18, 2011 4:25am

Ouch, scolded by the writer! Now that's what I call an interactive website. This is a great website, and this is an interesting review, which is why I peruse the Quietus as often as possible. I'll just never admit if I don't "get" what you all are serving up. Me thinks I'll be visited in the wee hours by Joey and Mickey of your "Public Relations" staff.

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May 30, 2011 10:21pm

In reply to Isobel George:

You should be put down. Awful woman. I'd put money on it you've got excessive hair, moustache, slight beard or sideburns perhaps? Not just because you sound like a disgusting female human being but because your aggression is male. Your stupid name sounds like something a trans would make up, Isobel George, the third in the rubbish Victorian quadrilogy. Maybe not and you are a real ugly woman. Still makes sense; Pretentious parents give daughter shit name and false self belief that she has got anything of worth to say. You lot are already an in joke for anything that is shit. Noticed the comments have tailed off? Not the recession, you and Doran and all the other cunts are wankers. Own up and, not fuck off because it's funny to read your stupid text, but, actually just carry on! Carry on! Know that your opinions mean the oppisite of what people who actually like music think. The quietus is hilarious. Cheers.

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