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The Best New Music Of The Year So Far: A Dragnet List
Kev Kharas , July 8th, 2009 11:01

Kev Kharas looks at the past six months to gather up the finest new music of 2009

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This list isn't subjective. It's objective, unless I've missed anything. Keep it bookmarked, stick it together with the second part in December and you'll have a 30-track compilation of the best music to come bubbling up in 2009, the last fruitful year of an increasingly fruitful decade.

And, if anything has been missed anything out, feel free to scream about it below. I'll take silence as consensus.

- - -

Joy Orbison – 'Hyph Mango' (forthcoming through Hot Flush)
(listen to a preview at MySpace)

The first time I heard this track played out I was blown away. No Pain In Pop had Room 2 at Fabric as part of some event back in April, and my friend Peter O'Grady was DJing a mix of stuff – some Funky House, some 2-Step, some forward-thinking Dubstep. The last track he played was this and it knotted the whole triangle together, strangely stunted Garage bounce heaved onward and up the pyramid by heraldic synth lines and a wailing diva. I told him it was the best thing he'd played all night and asked who it was and he told me it was his. It was pretty embarrassing. I think I punched him on the arm but really I wanted to kiss him.

FaltyDL – 'To New York' (Planet Mu)
(download at RCRD LBL)

FaltyDL resides outside traditional bass lineage. His role models are Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Luke Vibert; his NYG pumped full of maverick blood. And it breathes – critics like Simon Reynolds may well be right to treat 'IDM' with screw-face scorn but 'To New York' almost manages to validate the analogous boffin continuum all by itself. Its quality comes in its drums, which skip with a boyish charm, and in the ache of its heat-hazed synths; partied and versicolour, too playful to be stuffed away in an old backpack.

Floating Points – 'J&W Beat' (Planet Mu)
(buy and listen at Boomkat)

Apparently Sam Shepard spends his days holed up in a research lab somewhere, clad in a white coat mixing up invincibility potions and Midas rubs. This makes sense when you listen to the clubland formulas he concocts in his spare time: the lean garage shuffle of 'J&W Beat' unveiling itself coolly like a grand theory, packed fuller with sonic ephemera that drifts within its lax loops like space junk. One to watch for, without doubt.

Telepathe – 'Devil's Trident' (IAMSOUND)
(listen to at No Pain In Pop, buy at Merok)

"Mouth opens when necessary, bloody perhaps, but not broken and with teeth grown so much into fangs and juices that run over chins and cheeks that bulge with excited air, die blowhards, just cherish cherish cherish cherish. A communion built of aching ribs, of punctured time, of dripping hearts. A devil's trident barnacled with gut rust that fluttered, scattered and fell to earth like gone confetti."

And that's just a third of the hysterical gabble this tune generated when I wrote about it at No Pain In Pop last year. Unlike its inseparable twin 'Chrome's On It', 'Devil's Trident' made it onto this year's Dance Mother relatively unscathed by David Sitek's buzz-kill production and it remains mind blowing.

Floating Points – 'Vacuum Boogie' (forthcoming through Eglo)
(listen at Sound Cloud)

Another Floating Points track, this one more starry-eyed and due out soon(-ish) through the label Shepard runs with Rinse FM DJ Alexander Nut.

Burial/Four Tet – Moth (Text)
(search for on the internet)

One of the year's most sought after releases so far continues to find its way into record shops and online stockists in dribs and drabs and it's worth tracking down. Both tracks are fine, but 'Moth' in particular seems kindred with such a sublime exercise in dance eugenics, ghosting from subwoofers and teasing out the last drops of euphoria from in and around your ribcage. Collaborative, post-generic, instrumental track of the year so far? YESOFCOURSEDEFINITELY. Staunch.

Anything Zomby does
(learn at FACT, listen to newest cuts during Dusk and Blackdown's June Rinse FM show)

Zomby's Zomby – notes cascade, burp, warble and pop, each thrusting its own colours into the gap between your eyeballs and whatever it is that's behind those. The man seems intent on playing every sequence of notes it's possible to play, looking for that magical combination that'll make a trap door swing open in the sky.

Lone – 'Joy Reel' b/w 'Sunset Teens' (Werk)
(listen at MySpace, buy at Boomkat)

This needs so much more attention. What else are people listening to? If Lone's forthcoming album Ecstasy And Friends can measure up to this double-A side he'll surely be fighting off the paparazzos and falling into beautiful women. 'Joy Reel' is exactly what it says it is; a 25th Century rush of startled, glassy tones and whining, galaxy-warped mecha-soul that for some reason reminds me of Bristol's 'Purple Sound', only less reliant on bass and more given to whirling treble. Benji B must fucking adore this. For fans of Zomby, Dam-Funk, Terrence Dixon.

Karizma – 'Drumz Nightmare' (R2)
(listen to and buy at Juno)

The B-side from the 12" that precedes Karizma's new album is a cosmic creeper, sharing in the parched percussive toughness of Funky House but pulling intrigue from other areas. Refreshed by soulful flourishes and harp drizzle, 'Drumz Nightmare' exhales subtly as its bass brains seem to boil in situe, thirsty horns evaporating in that gassy gap between the dancefloor and your earphones many whimsically refer to as the human skull.

Walter Jones – 'I'll Keep On Loving You' (DFA)
(listen at MySpace, buy at Boomkat)

This sounds like what you might get if you crossed Deep House with the Country And Western of Walter's native Southern States – a bruised woman walking off bravely into a sunset of despair. Except that toothless diva you can hear is actually the burly New Orleans resident himself, hidden at the bottom of a well.

And Five More...

Toro Y Moi – 'Sad Sams' (Unreleased)
(listen at No Pain In Pop)

Trailer Trash Tracys – 'Strangling Good Guys' (No Pain In Pop)
(listen at No Pain In Pop, buy – if you like – as part of the NPIP Compilation)

The Mayfair Set – 'Already Warm' (Captured Tracks)
(listen at No Pain In Pop, order from Captured Tracks)

Surf City – 'Dickshaker's Union' (Morr Music)
(listen at No Pain In Pop, buy at Morr Music)

Blank Dogs – 'Tin Birds' (In The Red)
(listen at RCRD LBL, buy at Rough Trade)

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Marc Bright
Jul 9, 2009 11:40am

Yawn. Should be called "The Best New Music In The Particular Micro-Genre I Refuse To Look Outside Of"

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Rory Gibb
Jul 9, 2009 12:00pm

Nice article.

For my money, Hyph Mngo is one of the finest tracks of any electronic niche I've heard at least this year and probably last year as well. It's absolutely glorious, sounds fantastic on headphones but reaches even greater heights on a club system. Shake his hand for me please.

I'd add a few more from that particular area that have impressed this year and I reckon deserve a place in that thar list:

Brackles - LHC (admittedly out this week, but epitomises the hugely exciting blurred genre area between garage, dubstep, tech, grime and god-knows-what-else)

Appleblim & Ramadanman - Sous Le Sable (came out on Aus Music to surprisingly little fanfare, but it's a stunning, slow-burning dubby house track that mutates in increments across its runtime to a glorious synth crescendo)

Geiom - No More Tears (pretty much my spring/summer epitomised in a gorgeous skipping two-step bounce with some stellar chopped up vocals. Absolutely delicious)

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Luke Turner
Jul 9, 2009 12:36pm

In reply to Marc Bright:

Yes, because Joy Orbison and Blank Dogs are right within the same microgenre.

Reply to this Admin

Kevin Kharas
Jul 9, 2009 2:01pm

In reply to Marc Bright:

I can see your point - I suppose it is a bit heavy in that direction. Just seems like that microgenre's producing the most incredible stuff at the moment. Whatever you call that post-Dubstep, House and 2-Step battered surge, it just seems to keep growing, whereas anything momentarily worthwhile that's more guitar-based seems to burst and die out almost simultaneously (barring a few notable exceptions).

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Mark Jones
Jul 9, 2009 2:48pm

Interesting list, only heard a handful of them so will try and get through them all. The Telepathe track is big, shame the album sounded very dull.

Since this is quite electronic heavy what's everyone's more guitar-based suggestions then? Probably some additions I would put in... Kurt Vile, Dum Dum Girls, Banjo or Freakout, Forest Swords, Wild Beasts, Sun Araw, Mi Ami, The Horrors... all doing interesting stuff. Also enjoying Ikonika and Joker on the electronic side of it.

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Charles Ubaghs
Jul 9, 2009 2:57pm

Yes to Mi Ami.

Reply to this Admin

Kevin Kharas
Jul 9, 2009 8:15pm

A ton of this stuff's great - not too big on Mi Ami, but the new Forest Swords track is great (especially when alongside the video). The new Wild Beast and Horrors albums are fantastic too, but I wanted to veer away from them a bit because they're due a lot of coverage elsewhere I reckon.

Rory, that Geoim track is big. A load of mixes I could've featured in this too - Ben UFO's Fabric thing, Bok Bok's LuckyMe selection, Cooly G's latest for Rinse.

Gemmy's 'Rainbow Road' and anything Joker's put out would've been well worthy too.

Reply to this Admin

Rory Gibb
Jul 10, 2009 8:11am

In reply to Kevin Kharas:

That Fabric mix by Ben UFO is pretty incredible - as are the Fact mixes by Braiden, Geiom and Untold. I forgot about the Bristol lot actually, Purple City by Joker is one of the best things to have been released this year as well.

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Charles Ubaghs
Jul 10, 2009 9:01am

In reply to Charles Ubaghs:

Kev, listen to Mi Ami's electronic stuff. It's very good.

Reply to this Admin

Kevin Kharas
Jul 10, 2009 10:40am

In reply to Charles Ubaghs:

I dunno, it's those Nu-Metal basslines. I can't hack them.

Reply to this Admin

Charles Ubaghs
Jul 10, 2009 1:08pm

In reply to Kevin Kharas:

Wash your ears out young man. They're about as nu-metal as...well, you get the point.

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Angus Finlayson
Jul 15, 2009 6:08pm

That Joy Orbison track is going to go off big time...

Reply to this Admin

Law essay teacher
Oct 3, 2017 12:17pm

I just heard a modest bunch of them so will attempt and get past them all. The Telepathe track is enormous, disgrace the collection sounded exceptionally dull.

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