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First of all, we'd like to thank you for reading The Quietus. You, our loyal adherents, are what keep us going and motivated in those long, bleak times when we've run out of Yorkshire Tea and the only music that's been sent in the post is seemingly made by indie children doing impersonations of grieving dolphins.

As you'll be aware from looking at the site, we currently make all our revenue purely from advertising. This, however, is not enough to cover all our expenses - it pays a (meagre) wage for our office staff, all of whom have to work a second job to be able to to do it, our rent, and server costs and for some of our articles.

Ever since we started The Quietus as an independent operation it has been our stated aim that eventually we will pay for all content that we publish on the site. This is still the case - our contributors are among the best out there, put a huge amount of time and energy into their work for us, and we want to make sure they're all paid for it. We're also trying to work on updating the site to make it far more user-friendly, and to enable us to bring in lots of new features, including subscription memberships with special benefits and powers and a Quietus shop. As our readership increases - we now have half a million a month - we really need to invest in making the site more stable, and to have someone on hand to fix issues when they arise.

Unfortunately, techie costs being what they are, we're unlikely to be able to cover this mammoth task via ad revenue alone. This is where you come in: over the past year or so, more and more of you, our readers, have said that you'd gladly financially contribute to the running of The Quietus. We've therefore decided to make a donate function via PayPal for anyone who wants to put their money where their mouth is. Anything you give - 100% of it - will go directly towards technical costs and paying our freelance contributors, not a penny will go to Quietus staff. So no brogues for Turner, and after extensive therapy John has admitted that he has enough Sunn 0))) t-shirts

To all those of you who put the idea to do this into our heads, thank you. For those of you about to donate, we heartily thank you too.