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The Quietus Hour 46: New Weird Britain
John Doran , August 10th, 2017 09:47

"If you're the fella with no Johnson from Game Of Thrones who looks like Billy Corgan - send your Quietus Hour requests in attached to a raven."

John Doran had such a great time at this year’s Supernormal Festival held at Brazier’s Park, Oxfordshire, (reflecting similarly good times at Supersonic, Fat Out and Milhoes de Festa earlier this year) that he felt he had to “quack on about it” on air with partner in crime, Luke Turner as the basis of this week’s Quietus Hour. Not content with simply saying, ‘I had a very nice goat curry and watched Aggressive Perfector play to ten people’, he has instead insisted on summoning up a spurious and ill-defined concept: New Weird Britain. But there lies the fun. What does New Weird Britain mean? Where are the boundaries? What genres does it include? Do you have any suggestions dear reader/ listener/ viewer? New weird British musical treats come from Cattle, Perc, Tweedle, Aja Ireland, Roger Robinson, Lone Taxidermist, Valve, Total Leatherette, Kemper Norton, UKAEA and Teleplasmiste. Thanks to Mighty Seb White the producer and Todd The Dog.

We've half-inched Noel Gardner's opening statement from his inaugural Foul House column earlier this year to describe New Weird Britain: "It may have started as some frankly tenuous wordplay riffing on my first name and a popular yet demented Saturday evening light entertainment programme from the 1990s, but a picture of my Foul House has slowly taken shape as this debut column splutters into life. It has no fixed aesthetic and an approach to interior design that would cause those nice men Colin and Justin, also from the telly, to develop blood on the brain. There’s a rusted car engine on the front lawn with a sign next to it saying ART INSTALLATION, maybe as a sort of joke. The fridge is full of bathtub gin and vegetables rejected by the supermarkets for being too visually grotesque. No-one seems to have any means of paying to live there, but somehow they wheel and deal themselves to financial adequacy. The house might be driving down the price of others in the street, or the market might just be fucked anyway. Oh, and tied to the guttering is a big, tattered Union Jack with a bus stop cock painted on it."