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A Quietus Hour Radio Special: Nine Songs With Daniel O'Sullivan
Luke Turner , June 22nd, 2017 05:38

Daniel O'Sullivan of Grumbling Fur and half our other favourite groups visits Luke Turner for a Quietus Hour celebrating his new solo album, Veld. Tune in for mind expansion.

On a record-breakingly hot day Daniel O'Sullivan kindly popped into The Quietus office to visit Luke Turner with what he describes as "musical air-conditioning" - nine terrific pieces of music to fan the breeze of righteousness over body & soul. As our regular readers will well know, Daniel is half of our long-time favourites Grumbling Fur, part of Ulver, Æthenor and Laniakea, and currently at the heart of This Is Not This Heat. Despite all that he's found time to release a solo album of mind-vibration pop music, Veld, which is released by Tim Burgess' O Genesis label on June 30th. As ever with O'Sullivan's work the music takes its power from a tricksy refusal to be pinned down - something very much seen in the nine songs he brought in to play on this edition of The Quietus Hour. They stretch from Gaelic meditations on death to Ravel to Duke Ellington and the fuzzed euphoria of Lungfish, This Heat's 'Cenotaph' and the too-overlooked Judee Sill. Tune in for all of that plus conversation on inspiration, spirituality and his various musical projects. Thanks to Kathryn De La Rosa for production duties. Please do visit iTunes to subscribe to and rate our podcast.