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Musicians & tQ Writers On Anti-Fascist Anthems
Luke Turner , October 4th, 2016 08:32

Featuring contributions from Ben Durutti, Penny Rimbaud, Bobby Barry, Jeremy Allen, Ben Myers, Kevin McCaighy, Stewart Smith, Neil Cooper, Matt Evans, Tony F Wilson, Leo Chadburn, Emily Mackay, David Bennun, Phil Harrison, Arnold De Boer, Joel McIver, Russell Cuzner, Jeremy Bolm, John Doran, TV Smith, James Sherry, Jonathan Meades, Tristan Bath, JR Moores, Julian Marszalek, Captain Sensible, Andy Moor, Christine Casey, Nic Bullen and Stewart Lee


Propagandhi – ‘The Only Good Fascist Is A Very Dead Fascist’

Outside of the crust scene, Propagandhi are North American punk's most hardline anti-capitalist and anti-fascist proponents. From their 1993 debut How To Clean Everything to 2012's Failed States, no other punk band has espoused a similar progressive message with such humour, melody and erudition. This largely discordant 1.11mins of fury points out the base idiocy of right-wing extremism, memorable of MDC's ‘S.K.I.N.H.E.A.D.’ Anti-fascism with humour and intelligence: the best weapon against knuckleheads. Because you can't lose a battle of wits against unarmed opponents.
Ben Durutti