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Musicians & tQ Writers On Anti-Fascist Anthems
Luke Turner , October 4th, 2016 08:32

Featuring contributions from Ben Durutti, Penny Rimbaud, Bobby Barry, Jeremy Allen, Ben Myers, Kevin McCaighy, Stewart Smith, Neil Cooper, Matt Evans, Tony F Wilson, Leo Chadburn, Emily Mackay, David Bennun, Phil Harrison, Arnold De Boer, Joel McIver, Russell Cuzner, Jeremy Bolm, John Doran, TV Smith, James Sherry, Jonathan Meades, Tristan Bath, JR Moores, Julian Marszalek, Captain Sensible, Andy Moor, Christine Casey, Nic Bullen and Stewart Lee


The Beatles - ‘Love Is All You Need’

George Orwell once wrote that the word fascism was almost entirely meaningless, adding that almost any English person would accept ‘bully’ as a synonym for it. So, ruling out the cant of democracy, what is fascism? Brexit nationalists? International sweatshop capitalists? War-mongering militarists serving power-hungry politicians, or the quite rightfully pissed off white working class youths who know no more about fascism than I do, but revel in the added kudos that it might give to their anger? Right wing? Left wing? Was Stalin any less a fascist than Hitler or, come to that, Winston Churchill? Fascism is meaningless because it’s so completely indefinable, so where does the ‘anti’ come into the equation? The only ‘anti-fascist’ song that makes any sense to me is the Beatles’ ‘Love Is All You Need’, because, quite simply, it’s true. If we want to see an end to personal and global conflict, then love is the only real answer.
Penny Rimbaud