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The Quietus Hour: Our New Radio Programme 21-04-16
Luke Turner , April 21st, 2016 09:19

John and Luke are back with producer Seb White with all the best new music, top analysis of the news, Mat Colegate's film review section and YOUR chance to dictate what we do... if only you persuade us

The Quietus Hour makes a holy trinity of radio programmes with another episode! However have we managed it? With the assistance of our producer Seb White, that's how, who has got us to do some top new features as befitting a show transmitted way beyond the foamy shores of this desperate isle. So on this week's The Quietus hour we've a new slot called Persuasion, whereby we want YOU to get in touch with us to cajole us into playing a song you're particularly loving at the moment. Full details if you listen in, but if you're a lazy swine here's the basics - you can call 020 3393 6395 and leave a message persuading us to play a song of your choice on the next show. John gives details of what is and isn't expecting on the show, along with a new analysis of the latest in music news and our first film review slot - will Quietus film editor Mat Colegate paste Captain America in Colegate's Reels Of Steel? Find out by tuning in above, along with the best new music from Daniel Patrick Quinn, Selvhenter, Gaika, Eva Bowen, Xiu Xiu doing Twin Peaks and Marissa Nadler, plus a new life-saver Velvet Underground cover by Brian Eno, ANOTHER cover of Do You Think I'm Sexy, Coil and Barıs Manco & Kurtalan Ekspre. That's not to mention the chat you love on Luke's battles with woodpeckers in Epping Forest, England's Hidden Reverse, brutal piratical death methods and Spencer's new record shop in Margate.