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Baker's Dozen

Planets Of Sound: Joey Santiago Of Pixies' Favourite Albums
Laurie Tuffrey , May 22nd, 2014 10:43

With Indie Cindy out and their headline slot at Field Day on the horizon, Joseph Alberto Santiago, Pixies' lead guitarist-cum-noise implementer, rocks us with his 13 defining records


Jean-Jacques Perrey - Moog Indigo
Oh Jesus, have you heard that album? I just recently found that. I think it was when I first got a Moog, and I read the history of it and I heard Jean-Jacques... he was one of the first ones to use it in a pop way. I read a book about him. I didn't know that Edith Piaf sponsored him to come over to the United States. He had this instrument - I saw it on YouTube - that really, at the time, just sounded like the violin and all these other things, and it was just incredible. Also, he did a version of 'Flight Of The Bumble Bee' and he recorded a hive of bumble bees and then went back to his laboratory and spliced them individually - amazing!

He kind of looks like my dentist, he's such a nerd! Disneyland uses his version of 'Baroque Hoedown' for their Electric Parade. When he went to Disneyland to hear it he was like, "Wow", he was amazed! I think at one point Disneyland stopped using it and people were like, "What the hell?! What happened to that music?" So it came back. To me, that's part of the attraction, it's wacky, it fits in with all these lights and the kids love it and all that stuff.