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Everything Is Wetter In The Dark: A Poem By Natalie Chin
Karl Smith , May 19th, 2014 02:40

In another break from usual form, a five part poem by London-based writer and editor Natalie Chin makes up this week's new writing

everything is wetter in the dark

things feel true even when they aren't:
here the city looks further than it has ever been

and i think maybe i do want to be here

 clothes wet, without shelter, losing sight

but i'm not sure about this
underwater certainly anyone can make me dissolve

everything is wetter in the dark pt. 2

full disclosure:

for something to be dislodged
a force must be present

and for a force to be present
you must create the conditions for its appearance!

          it's simple:
          text him "hey" & wait for a reply...

in the dark i am teaching myself
not to search bodies for signs

i sit on his bed and remember that
like me he is making it up as he goes along

it is easy to pretend that
there isn't a long way back down

everything is wetter in the dark pt. 3 (not you)

through heavy silk curtains
the morning rain slits our sleep open

we don't have to use words to know
what we want to do with our bodies

and arched against his mouth i will
my mouth to reconstruct something

i can hold onto something that explains
what i am doing when i slip my fingers down

thinking i know how to touch without
leaving any part of myself behind

shivering under his tongue
missing skin on skin

every excuse is also an explanation

everything is wetter in the dark pt. 4 (but wait i can explain)

eyes closed it's easy to forget
about the weight of your motions

as though being underwater will
seal this off from memory

and you think, i’m only giving
as much as i'm taking,

which is nothing!
, except
his hands are in your hair

and you’re twisting
like you're dissolving

this far from the surface you forget
that you have anything to return to at all

everything is wetter in the dark pt. 5

turning away from him i touch
the wall i am lying next to

smooth & calming under my fingers
the texture of stillness

and i realize that i am still here
lying in this moment

present before these walls
and the faint smell of paint drying

images that will soon fade & resurface
however watery in time to come

outside i look at my phone
for the first time in hours

a series of missed calls
rippling through blue sky

under the finality of sunlight it feels
as though something like love is evaporating

Natalie Chin is a poet who lives in Singapore. Her work has been published in Ellipsis Journal, Mascara Review and Living In The Future.