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Quietus Mix: Akira The Don ZION 2012: The Apocalympics
The Quietus , August 9th, 2012 09:20

Aiieeee! The alien jogging launch pad weird beast across the canal has inspired a breathtaking Quietus mix from Akira The Don! Check it out below

As many of you will know, the Quietus has, for the past year, had our HQ right next to the Olympic site in East London. It has had a strange, looming presence over our work. At one point, it seemed that we might not even be able to reach the office due to crowds, and that crap singles by indie bands would have had to been delivered by cyborg carrier pigeon. That side of Olympocalypse seems to have been avoided... but it still makes an odd background to our life of tea, techno and osmium guitar music.

We are not alone here on Fish Island, though. Just around the corner lives Akira The Don, who has been commenting on the site construction and the corporatisation of the event via his excellent website for some years - even seriously injuring himself after trying to follow a fox onto the site and ending up impaled on the fence.

Akira The Don has been disrespecting notions of genre since 2004, and this superb mix reflects that, bringing "over 100 samples and over 100 years of historical documents and testimony" in an exploration of an other view of these acres of former industrial land. Anything that goes from Gene to The Carpenters to Josh Wink to UFOmammut to Daft Punk to Chris De Burgh to discussions of Blake to a breakbeat rework of The Fall's 'Dog Is Life/Jerusalem' from I Am Kurious Oranj will surely blow thy mynde. You can also buy a CD version, download and a super tasty 10" print of the ace artwork above here.

Says Akira The Don: "ZION 2012: The Apocalympics is a unique and historical artwork, that I've been working on at an incremental rate of intensity since I moved here to Nu Olympia in 2007. It is the story of strange and troubling hypothesis: that of the Zion 2012 Olympics Project Bluebeam Staged Alien Invasion/Rapture/Mass Hypnosis Mega Ritual Event. It is a story with roots in the 1700s, that incorporates politicians, poets, authors, Nazi scientists, and a young prophet from Scunthorpe, who died in strange circumstances shortly after divulging a theory that would go on to change the course of history.

"The story is told via the medium of sound, in ten chapters over 60 minutes, using over 100 samples and over 100 years of historical documents and testimony."

I hope you find it enlightening.

Akira The Don, Nu Olympia, July 27th 2012

Akira The Don - ZION 2012: The Apocalympics

(The Strange And Terrible Story Of The London Project Bluebeam Staged Alien Invasion/Rapture/Mass Hypnosis Mega Ritual Olympics)

i: Spaceman
ii: Travelling
iii: NWO
iv: Jerusalem
v: Zion
vi: 25 Whores
vii: 11:11
viii: Embrace The Martian
ix: Where Were The Heroes?
x: Occupants