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Quietus Mix 41: Ladytron's Digital Drums & Discotraxx
The Quietus , September 8th, 2011 07:00

It's a stern and unsettling mix from Ladytron's Reuben Wu featuring the likes of Tim Hecker, Angelo Badalamenti, Pink Skull and Gaspard Auge

Out of all the groups listed in our feature on ten years of electroclash published earlier this week, Ladytron are one of the few who have anything like continued success. Next week they release new album Gravity The Seducer... just check out the sleeve artwork - a sci-fi montage of heat-blasted mountains and parallel lines of an as-yet unknown metal heading towards the horizon - for the connection to this brilliant mix by Reuben Wu. He describes it thus: "Dark and motorik, this mix of analogue electronic, krautrock and dysfunctional disco is an imperfect soundtrack for dancing at 4am in the desert."