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Quietus Mix 34: Blanck Mass Observation
Luke Turner , June 23rd, 2011 07:49

Celebrate Blanck Mass' debut album with this excellent, evocative mix from Benjamin John Power

Blanck Mass’ self-titled debut album has been rather exciting the Quietus of late, its rich textures and patterns of noise rather complimenting the strangeness of the weather in this early summer of 2011. We’re therefore proud to present an excellent mix from Benjamin John Power (for Blanck Mass is he)... climb onboard the hovering Landrover for his psychedelic dream safari. Look! A turquoise cuckoo! Power's mix takes in an excellent range of music from the evocative fringes: Uncle Sleazy's Houseboys Choir, Rhys Chatham, Chris Watson, Tim Hecker, Oneohtrix Point Never, Morricone, Loscil, Black Swan and more.

"I like the challenge of taking tracks and pieces of music I love that jar with each other and attempting to make them blend and work somehow side-by-side. I wouldn't have said that's what makes a good mix across the board, I’ve just been enjoying that process of late. A good mix should be about sharing what makes you happy, whatever that might be. Is this an extension of Blanck Mass? I think it would be a bit rich to say so, as these tracks aren't mine. I just tried to add a narrative. It is certainly an peak at where my head is at though. Yes, I’ve said I’d rather soundtrack nature documentaries than do Blanck Mass live. Anything Attenborough will do just nicely!"

Quietus Mix 34: Blanck Mass Observation by The Quietus on Mixcloud