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Quietus Mix 33: Box Codax Clear Wednesday Afternoon Blues
Luke Turner , June 16th, 2011 12:02

Nick McCarthy presents a mix as peculiar and wide-ranging as his Box Codax project as the Quietus Mix Series hits no. 33. Pretty German

"I've ignored the mainstream cause it's just full of shit right now," writes Nick McCarthy, "but I'll come back round to it I'm sure. Enjoy your lunch." Thanks Nick, we did: despite the pate being open for five days now the maturing process had greatly enhanced flavour. Now then, you might know Nick McCarthy as being a quarter of Franz Ferdinand, but we'd heartily recommend you explore his eccentric Box Codax project, which recently released an excellent LP under the name of Hellabuster - you can find out more about that at the Box Codax website. Scroll down below the mix for Nick's explanation of his choices.

Steve Reich – 'Six Marimbas'

Suddenly got into this again. I'm going back in time. I don't know. Just can't listen to anything other than classical radio just now. Who can't love marimba arpeggios.

Margo Guryan – 'California Shake'

A beautiful classic to me for a hot afternoon in bed.

Steve Reich – 'Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices and Organ'

More marimbas.

Mal Waldron -'For Eric Satie'

I played with Mal Waldron once in Munich with a band I used to tour with called Embryo. A famous Krautrock group. The vibraphone player Christian Burchard used to tour with Mal in the 60s. Both these men had a massive influence on me both with their music and their attitude. Mal also used to be Billie Holiday's accompanist. Fuck!

Richard Strauss – 'Salome, Ich Will Nicht Bleiben'

Just a weird classical song. I studied at the Richard Strauss Conservatoire. Maybe that's why.

Djaosch Macholi Orchestra – 'Ruby'

My old jazz band. I wrote this song for my wife.

Hank Schmitt-in-der-Beek, Sebastian Kellig, Nick McCarthy – 'Ulli/ Lunsenzyklus'

This is the final song in the German musical 'der Lunsen Ring' I just wrote with my pals from the Fatherland, in good old fashioned Wagnerian writing style. Leitmotifs jumping around all over the place.

Albert Ayler – 'Spirits'

My favourite free jazz/folk saxophonist.

John Lennon - '#9 Dream'

Where would we be without dreams, where would we be without John Lennon.

Neil Sedaka – 'Going Nowhere'

Maybe the first time I realised lyrics could just be weird.

Metronomy – 'She Wants'

One of the new songs from my favourite new band. Metronomy is the best thing that's happened to new music. I love the whole thing. I love everything they do. Every piece is connected somehow. And it's a beautiful atmosphere created for all our lost hearts.

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young – 'Ohio'

Just moves me. It seems like there's a political time coming around again. At last we have someone to be against.

Carl Orff – 'Gassenhauer'

German classic. I was brought up in Munich.

Billie Holiday – 'I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me'

I was a Billie Holiday day fan before I knew Mal Waldron. Not sure if he plays on this recording.

Eric Satie – 'Gnossienne'

I've come back round to Eric Satie. After it being such an advert song I went of him for a bit. But he was a forward thinker of his time and I love him.

Ravel – 'Prelude'

Ravel is maybe my favourite classical composer. I love dreamy bursts.

Everly Brothers – 'I Wonder if I Care As Much'

I remember cruising down route 606 and my friend hank putting this on. It worked.

Margo Guryan – 'Northbound Success Merry Go Round'

Another classic from Miss Guryan.

The Supremes – 'It's Time To Break Down'

The Supremes are sexy.

Gregor Staub - 'Mega Memory'

I tried to remember things better with this tape as I can't stop dreaming even if I want to listen to someone. This tape is funny. Might work still.

Glenn Gould – 'Goldberg Variation 1'

He made me realize that you can be a rock star in classical music as well.

Das Weisse Pferd - 'The I Love You Song'

My dear friend Federico Sanchez aka Federchen. his amazing album is out now. Check it at Echokammer label.

Neil Young – 'Are You Ready For The Country'

One of my first summer songs.

Daniel Johnston - 'Some Things Last A Long Time'

Something to cry.

Badalamenti, Angelo & Kinny Landrum – 'Dark Lolita'

Good night.