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Quietus Mix 27: Renegade Soundwave's Danny Briottet Blasts 'Em Out
Luke Turner , May 10th, 2011 11:29

Another Short Circuit preview to test the power of thee stream

I remember at school in the late 1990s, when I was a rather conservative semi-goth fop Suede fanatic, a friend of mine was obsessed with the Mute label. He would go on about the Dirty Three (I remember him abandoning everyone at Reading 1996 to go and watch them, more fool I for not following him), ring up special telephone numbers to hear previews of new Depeche Mode tracks (something that seems almost quaint now) and run around telling anyone who would listen of the genius of Renegade Soundwave. More fool I for ignoring until my own Mute obsession began a few years later - Renegade Soundwave's crashing mix of industrial hip hop and electronic dub still echoes powerfully today. This Saturday, Renegade Soundwave's Danny Briottet DJs the Mute Short Circuit Festival at the Roundhouse, so we thought that was good enough reason to get him to do a warm-up mix. Check it below. For more information and Short Circuit tickets go here.