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Quietus Mix 26: Aidan Moffat's Midnight Selection
Luke Turner , May 5th, 2011 08:00

Musician, Quietus writer and bearded polymath Aidan Moffat presents a terrific mix for the start of the small hours

Aidan Moffat has given us just one instruction for his Quietus mix: 'My only recommendation is that you listen to it between midnight and 1am only.' Now, we're going to have to break this command, because for most right-minded people this is far too rousing, mentally stimulating a beast not to deeply challenge any trip into the land of nod. Perhaps Glen Branca, Aphex Twin and Moondog were what Aidan liked to listen to as he wrote his excellent Uncle Agony Sex Advice column for the Quietus? And no doubt his love of Bill Wells inspired their forthcoming joint album, while Moondog, Mulatu Astatke, John Barry and Fridge could soundtrack the bearded Scot heading to the er, fridge at midnight to pop open a final ale. The Quietus was lucky enough to see Aidan Moffat play at the very strange Dazed festival a few weeks ago; accompanied by only an Autoharp and a cold, he played a selection of songs new and old (including Arab Strap material) to a room of swooning young girls, and fashion crone Pam Hogg. Moffat, one of the finest lyricists in contemporary British music, should surely be set forth on a tour of the mustier British folk clubs to show them how music both rambunctious and thoughtfully honest should be done. Listen to the mix below. Aidan Moffat's album with Bill Wells, Everything's Getting Older, is out on Monday.