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Quietus Mix 25: Boxcutter Dissolves In Air
Luke Turner , May 3rd, 2011 11:40

Boxcutter leaves the beats in the box for his Quietus mix which, he tells us, is perfect for this early summer

Boxcutter tells Quietus writer Rory Gibb about his mix for us. Check the Quietus next week for the full interview: "It's really just summer tunes. I just wanted to do something really gentle, just total brain candy, a stare-out-the-window session. I wanted to get something super feminine, it doesn't have any edges to it for the most part. Did you hear the mix I did for 20jazzfunkgreats? It's like a part two to that one, really gentle jazz and R'n'B and stuff. It's just what I was listening to at home I suppose, very chilled out and peaceful. It's weird, I've just been avoiding a lot of darker music at the moment. I'm on a real hippie flower power thing [laughs]. Let's leave it on that note!"