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Quietus Mix 15: FaltyDL's Human Survival
The Quietus , March 10th, 2011 09:32

Look forward to You Stand Uncertain, one of the best electronic records of 2011 thus far with a mix from its creator, FaltyDL

Next week on the Quietus we're publishing an extensive and in-depth FaltyDL interview by Rory Gibb, in which the producer and electronic artist talks genre, influence, working practice and the impact moving to New York has had on his work. To whet your appetite, FaltyDL has taken our instruction to use our mix as a palette to create something entirely new to heart, and has put together a fantastic blend of field recordings, hip hop, phone conversations with Squarepusher, and some of his own pieces. Speaking about his mix, FaltyDL said the following to Rory: "It’s all over the place! It’s exactly the sort of mix I’ve always wanted to do, where you just drop a load of tunes, and genre-wise go all over the place, just play things I love. It’s pretty funny, there are parts of it that are just an interview with Squarepusher on the phone, and I don’t even know where I got that. It’s weird stuff I find in my iTunes; when I come across something like that it’s as comforting to me as, say, a familiar book is to a really dedicated reader. I don’t read that much, I should do more, but I’ll come across an old track and it’ll bring back a lot of memories. It’s kind of an influences mix too. The music I’ve chosen here – there’s a RZA track, some Luke Vibert – it’s all stuff I’ve listened to many times and just love."