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Quietus Mix 010: Mogwai's Stuart Braithwaite
Luke Turner , February 3rd, 2011 07:50

As Mogwai prepare to release Hardcore Will Never Die But You Will Stuart Braithwaite does us a mix that deigns to play hurdles with genre

This past weekend, the Quietus had the pleasure of wandering around various venues and cities in Scotland in order to see Mogwai play a series of gigs warming up for a tour that is as epic as ‘My Father My King’ if you were banjoed on ketamine and the world had turned into a giant LP going backwards. Mogwai’s new album, Hardcore Will Never Die But You Will is both a departure for Mogwai and a continuation of everything they’ve always been – potent metal-tinged instrumental demons, but now with the added interest of vocal melody, and electronics to the fore. It’s probably the first time you’ll find yourself with a line from a Mogwai song stuck in your head, on repeat. We’re therefore pleased to present a mix from Stuart Braithwaite to celebrate the release of the new LP, and even more churffed to say that it includes zero tracks from what the rest of Mogwai told us was Stuart’s distressing fraggle past, back in the early 90s. However, he’s still got the Sisters Of Mercy representing his proud goth heritage (Mogwai’s soundman Kenny likes to rib the band that their songs resemble The Cult’s ‘She Sells Sanctuary’ slowed down a bit) along with some ear-bash hip hop, Quietus mix series’ most popular artist Chris Carter, some batshit-crazy track by a group called The Soft Moon, a fiddle with Kanye, tQ favourites Walls and Factory Floor, and the Reverend Johnny L Jones. The Quietus will be repaying the favour at Mogwai’s Hoxton Bar & Kitchen gig next Wednesday, February 9th. Check the site in the next few weeks for an exclusive filmed interview featuring Stuart Braithwaite in conversation with the Scottish writer Ian Rankin.