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Quietus Radio: January 2011 Edition
Luke Turner , January 24th, 2011 08:36

We've decided to start a new Quietus radio programme, so sit back, boil a brew, and enjoy talk and music from Luke and John

Long-time readers of the Quietus will know that we like nothing more than to drink a highly caffeinated brew and step behind the mic to send high quality radio programming to the globe. We’ve done it in locations as far flung as Birmingham, South Wales and Hackney... but, friends, these scattered transmissions are over. Along with our disco dancing producer, the Noble Paul Noble, we have found a home behind The Golden Hind chip shop in London’s Marylebone. From there, John and Luke will bring you a monthly radio show featuring the best new music from around the world, nicely fermented tracks from the archive, special guests and sessions, and of course, special items like Disco For The Bearded Man. The first show, for January 2011, was recorded last week, and features anything from Wire to Waka Flocka Flame, Fern Kinney to The Fall, Mastodon to Virgo 4, and Chris & Cosey via Foster Manganyi. Come back in February and for every month thereafter for your fill of music & chat.

Quietus Radio is produced by Paul Noble of Pop Up Radio. Photograph of John looking ill and Luke looking pleased about it thanks to