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Quietus Mix 005: Soundway Records Twisted Latin Afro Rock
Luke Turner , December 2nd, 2010 09:21

Soundway have a party tomorrow night, and we're celebrating this fact with a terrific mix of Afro-Latin sounds. Party details after the embed

Soundway Records' mission statement is basically an extension of label boss Miles Cleret's music policy as a DJ from the age of 16 onwards: find music that not many people know and make it available to as many people as possible. In 2001 this route took a decidedly tropical turn and the label was born. Since then Cleret has travelled many parts of the world looking for old vinyl that's flown under the radar - recordings that have never been available outside of the countries which they were made in and on many occasions hardly ever available in those countries in the first place: enigmatic b sides, 45's and LP cuts that only had tiny runs, but also classic recordings known well to the people of countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Colombia, Benin, Trinidad, and Panama, but that somehow never made it further afield.

For this exclusive mix Miles has pulled out a selection of oddball, weirdo afro and latin funk-rock, a heavy dose of guitars and twisted vocals from Africa, The Caribbean and South America in the 1970s. From the rasping intro of Madgascan funk rocker Jimmy Mawi, via Argentianian rocker Rabito, peruvian unknowns Cacique, the Ronnie Lane produced Nigerian afro rock of Akido to the psychedelic West African sounds of Sory Bamba and Ifang Bondi, we'll take in some weird, crackly and obscure directions before landing in the closing hands of Venezuelan Afro Glam Rockers Grupo Bota.

Quietus Mix 005: Soundway Records Present Twisted Afro Latin Rock by The Quietus on Mixcloud

Soundway Record's Christmas Knees Up

DJs: Miles Cleret (Soundway) / Frankie Francis (Sofrito) / Bamboo DJs
Date: 3rd December
Time: 10pm – 3am
Venue: Designers Block, 32 Cremer Street, London, E2 8HD
Price: £7

Soundway’s festive fling is round the corner and we’d like to cordially invite everyone for a spot of punch and a high-spirited Christmas knees up. Tropical heat for your seasonal feet! Supplying the music for this year’s party is the ‘Jefe’ of Soundway, DJ Miles Cleret alongside a very special guest from the Sofrito camp, DJ Frankie Francis and the legendary Bamboo DJ’s. Usual shenanigans on rotation – Afrobeat, highlife and afro-funk from Africa. High gr…ade cumbia, salsa and Latin bits and pieces from the Americas – even a spot of Bangkok funk, 60’s R&B and vintage soul and funk.

The first 10 people in through the door will receive a copy of The Sound of Siam: Leftfield Luk-Thung, Jazz and Molam in Thailand 1964 – 1975. Tickets are £7 on the door and runs from 10 till 3 am but make sure you arrive early to guarantee entry.