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Win Joy Division Picture Box Set And Listen To All Hallows Eve Playlist
The Quietus , October 29th, 2010 11:31

Our spirits have been lifted by receiving a small black box with monochromatic images from a revered band and we're celebrating with some songs suited to the greyscale end of October. All pictures by Kevin Cummins, taken from Joy Division by Kevin Cummins

Not so long ago the Quietus talked to legendary Mancunian photographer Kevin Cummins about his iconic shots of Joy Division among other greats such as The Smiths and the Stone Roses. We bumped into him in person in at the By:Larm conference in Oslo this Spring where over whale meat sushi he told us a bunch of funny stories about his time with the band... which, unfortunately are too scurrilous and libelous to repeat here.

However he’s kindly sent us a sweet limited edition package of postcards made up of his iconic shots of Ian Curtis and the band, kept in a Factory-style box. And he was kind enough to give us one of these items to offer as a prize to Quietus readers.

To win this just tell us which one of these artists didn’t cover Joy Division’s Love Will Tear Us Apart as an official release:

One, Paul Young
Two, Squarepusher
Three, Grace Jones
Four, Swans

Please get your answers to us by 6pm GMT Wednesday. Send your answer to with Joy Division Comp in the subject line and don't publish the answer at the foot of this feature. This comp is only open to UK residents. To read The Quietus Competition Terms & Conditions, click here.

You can order these little box sets from Polite Cards here. We've arranged a little gallery of the images which you can see by clicking below.

And while you’re looking at these images we’ve prepared a Spotify playlist for you to listen to. If you’re anything like us, then today you’ve probably been inundated with playlists comprised of songs by the Misfits, The Murder Dolls, My Chemical Romance and The Cramps. Given that we’re not too bothered about the American idea of Halloween, we have our own, more sedate celebrations in mind. (Apart from John Carpenter’s film that is; we like that. It is a festival suited to the boisterous and apple bobbing friendly. John is dangerously allergic to apples and cannot bob without his lips swelling up to almost three times their already comically large size, while Luke is occasionally terrorized by the youth who congregate at the end of his road and is in no rush to learn what a "trick" constitutes in their book.) As an alternative we thought we’d compile an Quietus friendly playlist from European masters of melancholy (we count Scott Walker as one of our own with good reason) that is more about nights drawing in, sombre weather and heartache than it is about zombies and trick or treat.

The Quietus All Hallows Eve Playlist