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Hail Dear Reader - We're Nothing Without You. A Pathetically Grateful Spotify
John Doran , November 27th, 2009 13:38

The Quietus was named music website of the year last night. We'd like to think that says more about you than us . . .

I used to hate awards ceremonies. The idea of getting a gong just for doing a job seemed to be ludicrous. Then my site won a prize at the RotD Awards last year - Best Publication as voted for by the great students of the UK - and now I have, ahem, a more nuanced and sophisticated view of them.

Well, this year we won best Music Website of 2009.

Also last night our mighty sister paper The Stool Pigeon picked up best free title, our leisurely leisure editor Kev Kharas and his mates at No Pain In Pop got best blog, I got best live reviewer (although it should have gone to Simon Price!) and Luke got runner up gong for best album reviewer. The mighty Swells got the nod for runner up Feature of the year, which was bettered by the respectful one minute's noise held for him at the end.

Congratulations also to all the other winners and short listees including our friends at WIRE mag, The Word, Kruger), everyone at Domino, Beggars, 4AD, Kevin Cummins, Nathan Beezer and anyone else we've forgotten. Also thanks to Nicola and Paul at Record Of The Day and anyone who voted for us.

Anyway, really, I wanted to say thanks to you for reading and sticking with us through various typo-causts and questionable editorial decisions made half way through 18 hour shifts.

Thanks, we really appreciate it. My lower lip is wobbling like Ricky Tomlinson on a stairmaster so I'll stop now.

One song for all the years between 1974 and 2009.

A big yelp of gratitude to all Quietus bods past and present as well, Mitch, Ian, Sean, Toby, Stevie, Ben H, James Fire, Mark Bo Wevil, Tim Cowlishaw, Chris Etches, Matt Kaufman . . .