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London Tattoo Convention 2009 Pictures And Spotify Playlist
John Doran , November 13th, 2009 05:01

Songs for illustrated men and women - a Friday playlist.

Once while stopping for a drink at the Polar Bear Tavern on Springbank in Hull for a drink on my way home from a ten while ten night shift at an aerosol can factory I met a tattooed man. He was stood at the bar glowering and gripping a pint glass tightly.

The white knuckled, middle-aged man had the letters 'LTFC' prison inked onto his fingers in spidery Indian ink. "Luton Town?" I asked him.

He said nothing but linked both sets of fingers over each other. 'LET'S FUCK' was spelled out on his hands.

"Ah", I said and we spent the rest of the session in silence.

Investigating the other end of the quality scale in permanent body inscription, of our lensmen Al Overdrive recently visited The London Tattoo Convention to record the event in photographs.

To accompany his portraits, the lily-livered, un-inked and un-modified John and Luke have designed a tattoo-themed playlist for your Friday afternoon.

To listen click here and to look at Al's snaps click on the picture below.

Suede 'The Wild Ones'
The Birthday Party 'King Ink'
The Long Blondes 'Swallow Tattoo'
Dan Sartain 'Indian Ink'
Tom Waits 'Burma Shave'
Sonic Youth 'My Friend Goo'
Siouxsie and the Banshees 'Tattoo'
The Clash 'Innoculated City'
Weezer 'No Other One'
Richard Hell and the Voidoids 'Down At The Rock & Roll Club'
Morrissey 'A Swallow On My Neck'
The Pretenders 'Tattooed Love Boys'
The Dead Kennedys 'Man With The Dogs'
Perry Como 'The Rose Tattoo'
Bongwater 'Nick Cave Dolls'
Green Day 'Time Of Your Life (Good Riddance)'
Neil Young 'The Needle And The Damage Done'