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The Prodigy Podcast: Drugs, Piracy And The Ultimate Rave
Adam Narkiewicz , June 30th, 2009 07:14

To celebrate The Prodigy's righteous slaying of Glastonbury this past weekend, we publish The Quietus' podcast with the Braintree boys

A wee while ago our man Adam Narkiewicz (aka Akira The Don) trotted along for a chat with the Keith Flint, Maxim Reality and Liam Howlett. After rescuing the recording from the crackling, booming depths of a well, we finally bring you our Quietus Prodigy podcast.

Therein The Prodigy reveal that... 'Charlie' was written to send their pals insane, that they say NO TO DRUGS, discuss their attitude to illegal filesharing and why they employed the Web Sherrif to chase cheeky stealers, and reveal their favourite waves from back in the day.

Listen to The Quietus Prodigy Podcast

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