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Keyboard Choir Present Their 'Influences' Spotify Playlist
The Quietus , June 5th, 2009 08:38

Keyboard Choir have spent this week ruling certain parts of the internet as they release their new Electric Unity EP. The Quietus got on the game on Wednesday, and you can read about the record, and find out where to download it for free, here.

The Quietus was also beguiled by Keyboard Choir's excellent debut album Mizen Head To Gascanane Sound, released last year (listen to it on Spotify. So we thought we'd refresh our memories and get the chaps to compile a Spotify playlist of their influences. They kindly agreed, and said while we're at it, why not have a pair of tickets for their concert next Tuesday at the new Kings Place venue. A tribute to Slavoj Zizek, it'll feature Keyboard Choir, pianocircus and films by Cory Archangel. To win a pair of tickets, just email with the answer to the following question:

Keyboard Choir are on which record label:

a) Liver Amour

b) Esophagus Romance

c) Brainlove

Click here to listen to the Keyboard Choir Spotify playlist

Keyboard Chorister Seb:

Richard Strauss - 'Also Sprach Zarathustra'

A massive influence on my taste has been film music, and this is right at the top. Kubrick was genius for many many reasons and his choice of music was second to none.

Bleeding Heart Narrative - 'BHN'

One of the best albums of recent times. I implore anyone with any sense to listen to their album, 'All That Was Missing We Never Had In The World', I'm awed by them.

Bleeding Heart Narrative - 'As If Yearning Was All And More Than Enough'

Taken from the same album as the track above, this couplet makes for one of the best openings to an album ever. Strong words I know, but I mean it. Seriously. Has me in tears. Tears of joy.

My Bloody Valentine - 'Come In Alone'

James is the big MBV fan, but I saw them at the Roundhouse and it was totally awesome, this is my personal fave from Loveless. I love the big euphoric vibe, as you can tell from my choices.

Napoleon IIIrd - 'Zebra'

Label mate and soul mate James Mabbett is a total hero. This is cracker of a pop Choon!

Magnetic Fields - 'Grand Canyon' and 'My Sentimental Melody'

What an incredible lyricist/socio pathologist/genius. Like the most insightful wordsmith ever. It goes beyond words, was too tough to choose just one track, so I picked two.

Keyboard Chorister James:

Ride - 'Vapour Trail'

Awesome. Simple, to the point and beautiful.

Eno - 'The Big Ship'

Organic, brooding buzz-saw harmonium/accordion bleepy heaven. One of his finest moments.

Belle & Sebastian- 'Dirty Dream #2'

If I could only listen to one song for the rest of my life it would be this - it's got everything. Some of the best harmonies ever.

Sonic Youth - 'Tunic (Song for Karen)'

Violent and touching at the same time.

Keyboard Chorister Ady:

Lemon Jelly - 'Space Walk''

The intro gives me shivers - imagine floating out in the black void of space then - whoa! - the earth swings into view. Beautiful, just beautiful.

Jon Hopkins - 'Vessel'

Soft, brittle, organic, digital, warm, and cold all at once. A great track off a superb album.

A Hawk and a Hacksaw - 'In the River'

A bewitching and strange dream unfolds to the rhythm of the oarsman.

Steve Reich - 'Electric Counterpoint - Fast (the first track, 6:51)'

Massed layers of guitars create hypnotic, evolving textures. You can hear how much debt minimalist electronica owes to Steve Reich

Keyboard Chorister Alex:

AFX - 'Wabby Legs'

Behold the glory of Mr James' control over atmosphere and texture, not to mention rhythm. I chose this track, but really could have gone for anything by him since the stamp of his production is all over everything he does, and it is and always has been, without peer.

Gang Gang Dance - 'House Jam'

I just witnessed this live at Primavera Sounds, Barcelona, and it was literally one of the best things I have ever seen in my life. The harmonic textures seem to hail from a place behond space and time while the nervous rhythms are unbelievably human. At the same time, its all rather '90s. Clever bastards.

Lindstrom - 'Where You Go I Go Too Part 1 (Prins Thomas Edit)'

I'm loving the dub-space disco at the moment, and this veritable journey of an edit is a pleasingly tightened and de-cheesed version of Lindstrom's original. The guy takes his time, but its worth it; and everything is just in its right place.

Blockhead - 'Insomniac Olympics'

No one ever quite did melancholic instrumental hip-hop like Blockhead on this album, 'Music By Cavelight'. The instant nostalgia of the record is for me somehow really centred on the horns that open this opening track. And the vocal that he takes and plays like a guitar is simply awesome.