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The White Stuff: The Quietus' Snow And Cold-Themed Spotify Mix
The Quietus , February 2nd, 2009 09:39

The Quietus is snowed out of the office today, so we've had to make do and put together a snow-themed mix on Spotify. Listen to the hiss, and send yours in too

Given that as we're an internet operation, you'd think that working from home in the face of the current inclement conditions would make for a pleasant day of labour interrupted by the occasional brew and stroll out to the grounds to carve notches into a stick to see how swiftly the snow is falling. Unfortunately, our various pieces of content for today are separated from us by miles of closed roads, broken tube lines, and frozen bodies clawing their way through the blizzard, beset on all sides by hoodlums unleashing barrage after barrage of snowballs.

So you'll have to wait for our coverage of Simon Reynolds' new book. Instead, The Quietus has decided to honour Mother Nature and her current generosity with Russian snow by hopping on Spotify to create a chilly playlist appropriate for the drifts that, even now, are mounting up in Clapham.

Click here to play the Quietus' Spotify Mix, which features the likes of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Brian Eno, Nico, Film School, Leonard Cohen, Sisters of Mercy, MBV, Sabbath, Mercury Rev and more.

Now, The Quietus wants you to send us your snow, ice, and general chill-related playlists. That's chill as in frozen to the marrow, blackened fingers scrabbling desperately at unforgiving ice, onset of hypothermia, corpse found solid under a drift a century later, agony still burned into starved and sunken cheeks sort of chill, not Sunday afternoon chill-out down your local chalkboard gastrobar.

But we digress. Either use Spotify to build your playlist (use your initiative to get an invite, hint hint contact us) or just whack it in the comments below.

And finally, something to watch. Britain has, typically, ground to a halt due to the current weather conditions. But is it really worth the expense to improve our infrastructure for such a rare, freak event? Just enjoy the unexpected day off, and spare a chuckle for those who think that by managing to struggle into work, they somehow embody the valiant spirit of Captain Oates...

Alternatively, you might like to take advantage of the extension to the weekend by indulging in some leisure activities. Take Rammstein's miners, for example. They emerge, hot dirty and sweating from deep beneath the bowels of the earth, give some lass a few lines of pure gold to snort, before indulging in some pagan ritual atop a Teutonic peak. All a day's work in Bavaria:

Hammerfall, on the other hand, prefer to follow more refined pursuits when the mercury plummets. In the video for 'Hearts On Fire', they take on the Swedish women's curling team. Oh yes:

Back closer to home, Echo & The Bunnymen display a British spirit of adventure with the video for 'The Cutter' that features some wandering around atop a glacier, a steaming crevace... and a rather mundane-looking rehearsal room, probably somewhere in Liverpool. Does the Mersey freeze, one wonders?

The Quietus had thought for a minute that there were no Cure videos involving snow. Apologies for that temporary loss of grasp on reality, because of course there bloody is one - and it's a corker of a cliche - for Robert Smith it's always snowing. Even when he's on holiday. Yup, in the video for 'Pictures Of You' Bob & co bring the winter to a tropical beach, complete with palm trees and oiled beefcakes and babes pouring coconut milk over their bronzed forms (we might have made that last bit up)